Sad little pug before being sold on ebay by german government

Pug in Germany Seized, Sold by City to Cover Family’s Debts

For the first time, city officials in a German town took a family dog and sold it on eBay to pay for its owners’ unpaid debts. The city, Ahlen, has claimed the seizure is legal, although the city has drawn criticism. The incident suggests a good time for a refresher look at the takings clause of the U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment and eminent domain laws. […]

Russian Military using smartphone
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Russia Restricts Military Personnel’s Smartphone Use

A new Russian bill limits military personnel’s use of smartphones. Lawmakers cited active-duty soldiers’ use of social media, which has caused several political embarrassments for the country in recent years. In the United States, how much do the Constitution and other laws relate to the digital age and what are the exceptions? […]

2019 new years golden big on red background
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The “Year of the Pig” Meets Its Pig of the Year

As the lunar calendar signals the Chinese New Year, China celebrates the beginning of the “Year of the Pig” with an unlikely guest—the British cartoon character “Peppa Pig.” The surprising runaway viral hit of Peppa’s movie trailer focuses attention on traditional New Year’s practices and long-held cultural beliefs in China. […]