Russian police car at night

Napoleonic Reenactment Canceled after Actor Dismembers Lover

November 20, 2019

A Moscow Napoleonic reenactor faces a murder charge after dismembering his lover, “The Washington Post” reported. He had her severed arms in a backpack when he was found drunk in a river last week. It isn’t Napoleon’s first blunder in Russia. […]

Person in italy walking with bags and umbrella during flood in Italy

Venice Flooding Causes Deaths, Major Damage to Historic City

November 18, 2019

Flooding in Venice has led to multiple deaths and devastating water damage, BBC News reported Thursday. The city announced plans to accelerate building structural protections for the city to safeguard it from abnormally high tides. Here’s what makes the lagoon city so famous. […]

Vehicles and people moving in the streets amidst heavy smog in India

Indian Air Pollution Brutal Reminder of Environmental Concerns

November 12, 2019

New Delhi has declared a state of emergency over its severe air pollution, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported. One report claimed that simply spending a day breathing in northern India was equivalent to smoking 33 cigarettes a day. Human health is strongly linked to the planet’s health. […]

Close up of U.S. military uniforms

Recent Events Invite a Look Back at U.S., Middle East Relations

October 14, 2019

750 ISIS-linked civilians escaped a Kurd camp amid a Turkish attack after US troop removal, “The Guardian” reported Sunday. The Turkish bombing of northern Syria is the latest development since President Donald Trump announced plans to withdraw American military support from the area. […]

Mohandas Gandhi statue

A Look Back at Gandhi’s Controversies on His 150th Birthday

October 11, 2019

Historical figure Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi isn’t above controversy even today, “The Washington Post” reported. On what would be Gandhi’s 150th birthday, historians find themselves highlighting less ideal facets of his life. The Indian icon’s beliefs suggest sexism, racism, and classism. […]

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