Abstract graphical design with scientific equations in the background.

The Infinite Rebirth of the Universe

May 7, 2021

Scientific theories suggest that the universe will be reborn infinite times and there is a chance that all these universes exist in a multiverse. Either at the same time or in sequence. […]

Particles in quantum entanglement.

The Uncertainties of Our Universe

May 7, 2021

Our universe could be part of a multiverse. But we don’t know how the universes would interact or even if they are identical. Maybe history happens the same way every time. […]

A 3D illustration depicting the singularity, a concept from quantum physics.

How Scientists View Quantum Physics

May 7, 2021

Even though scientists base their beliefs on facts, they disagree on how they interpret their theories and this separates them into realists and non-realists. […]

Image of a floating evil skull.
Classical Philosophy

Types of Evil: Natural and Moral

April 16, 2021

Both natural evil and moral evil affect human lives in a significant manner. Moral evil hurts both the perpetrator and the victim. Natural evil, on the other hand, can enable people to feel compassion and help each other. […]

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