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Culture Fit vs. Authenticity: When Being Yourself Collides with Organizational Values

Culture Fit vs. Authenticity: “Authenticity is the holy grail of diversity efforts: “Bring your whole self to work.” Yet adaptation to the preferences and norms of others is at the core of cultural intelligence. How do we give people the safety to be themselves while also expecting flexibility as a “team player”? And when are an organization’s values unifying and when do they squelch diversity and innovation? […]

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Healthy Eating and a Love of Fruit

What’s the value of a fruit? Some are easy to eat, but have low nutrition, some hard and are super fruits. Dr. Roy Benaroch digs into the deep, juicy questions. […]

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War of the Twitter Bots

Professor Paul Rosenzweig discusses the future of Big Tech and the balancing act platforms like Twitter and Facebook face in keeping an open dialogue while combating those who abuse it. […]

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What Trump Risks in Europe

General Wesley Clark comments on the NATO Summit, “With President Trump soon to land in Europe for the NATO summit meeting, many of [the United State’s] closest allies are concerned. They have seen Trump disrupt the recent G-7 meeting, been hectored by him publicly on their own levels of defense spending, and watched as the U.S. President, apparently the chosen favorite of Russian President Vladimir Putin in his 2016 election meddling, acts chummy with Putin and other dictators.” […]

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Business and Economics

The Medical Bankruptcies Debate

The debate over the extent to which uninsured medical costs lead to personal bankruptcies is interesting for a couple of reasons. In terms of social science and politics, it leads to a quagmire of difficult discussions, debating between someone’s health and their wallet. […]

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Searching for Diamond Dust in the Milky Way

Diamond dust in clouds of gas throughout the Milky Way? It may sound unlikely, but that is the conclusion of a team of scientists who used radio telescopes to explore a peculiar and elusive source of radio emission. And in doing so, they may have solved two different puzzles at once. […]

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Pardons and the Presumption of Regularity

THE NEWS, Op-Eds By Great Courses Professors: Pardons and the Presumption of Regularity. President Trump’s decision to pardon Dinesh D’Souza and his musings about pardoning others remind us once again about how transformative (in a not-good way) the Trump presidency truly is. At bottom, so much of our institutional structures in America are founded on a presumption of regularity in the executive. Not a presumption of wisdom and not a presumption of effectiveness, but in essence, a presumption of well-meaning interest in the good of the country. Read more on The Great Courses Daily. […]

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