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How Trump Can Get US North Korea Summit Back On Track

General Wesley Clark discusses the canceled North Korean summit and the potential for negotiation. He states, “The problem posed by North Korea is indeed difficult. So, rather than taking the summit cancellation as a setback, the U.S. should take it as an opportunity to establish a robust process that can truly deal with the issues threatening security and stability in Northeast Asia.” […]

Health & Fitness

Essential Oils in the Ambulance

Dr. Steven Novella discusses the rise of essential oils. He states, “Aromatherapy with essential oils is pseudoscience, backed only with low-quality studies guaranteed to show a placebo effect. Their growing popularity warns that better science education is needed.” […]


Both Sides of the Vaping Controversy

Both Sides of the Vaping Controversy. Could vaping and e-cigarettes reduce the toll of death and illness due to smoking conventional cigarettes? The most recent issue of the Annual Review of Public Health has a nice pro-and-con. Professor Timothy Taylor discusses both sides of artificial cigarettes. Read more on The Great Courses Daily. […]

Professor's Perspective

Here’s the real cost of leaving the Iran deal

Here’s the real cost of leaving the Iran deal. President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will withdraw from the Iran deal and seek to reimpose sanctions proves one thing: the president isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. General Wesley K. Clark discusses more on The Great Courses Daily. Read now. […]

Professor's Perspective

Gerrymandering: Abbott v. Perez in Texas

Gerrymandering: Abbott v. Perez in Texas. This week, the Supreme Court hears one last case on gerrymandering for the term. This one’s a racial-gerrymandering case, Abbott v. Perez. Read more on The Great Courses Daily! […]

Professor's Perspective

Is Cybersecurity Improving?

Is Cybersecurity Improving? Professor Paul Rosenzweig discusses the year over year analysis of how safe we have actually become. […]

Professor's Perspective

Amelia Earhart Found… Again?

Amelia Earhart Found… Again? Multiple mysteries in the disappearance of pilot Amelia Earhart and finally a possible answer.  […]

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