Angry millennial couple arguing shouting blaming each other of problem

Why Do People Overreact and Why It Is Natural?

May 10, 2020

Protecting ourselves socially and physically is vital for survival. But what if one act of protection ruins our social life? This can happen when overreacting. So, why would anyone overreact so often and ruin their social life? […]

Depressed young man sitting on the bench in tunnel.

Physical and Psychological Pain: The Case of Hurt Feelings

April 28, 2020

‘Hurt feelings’ is a metaphor to us, but a reality to our biological system. When someone’s heart breaks, the body reacts as if you have stepped on broken glass. But why does the biological system care so much about feelings, which are not even physical? Read on to find out how our survival urge understands much more than expected. […]

Image of a mother a little daughter

Relational Value in Relationships

April 28, 2020

Why does it hurt to be fired or dumped? A quick answer would be “because I’m worth more than that.” But the relational value in relationships says, “because you thought the other person valued you more than that.” They might look the same, but they are not. Read on to see how relational value causes satisfaction and harm in relationships. […]

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Siblings, Genes, and Human Personality

October 21, 2019

Sibling genetics pose an interesting question: Why do two children from the same family turn out very differently? If two people have the same biological parents, grow up in the same home, live in the same town, go to the same schools, and have similar experiences, what explains the differences in personality? […]

Family walking in the park spending time together.

The Role of the Environment in Shaping Personality

October 20, 2019

Behavioral geneticists suggest that special talents are often “emergenic”—that is, a configuration of many genes that determine a particular personality trait. For example, geniuses and prodigies require a precise combination of abilities and interests. This article unpacks emergenic traits and considers what role, if any, the environment plays in human personality. […]

Mother teaching her two sons about numbers

Shared Environments, Different Personalities

October 20, 2019

Genetics and the environment both play a role in determining human personality, but researchers have been surprised by just how the environment affects us. In research parlance, “unshared environments” are more important than “shared environments.” Let’s find out why. […]

children scrutinizing DNA model

Unpacking Human Behavior: The Gene-Environment Correlation

October 9, 2019

The old debate about nature versus nurture has evolved into a nuanced conversation about “hereditability.” Both genetic and environmental factors play a role in human behavior, and researchers have explored many facets of the “gene-environment correlation.” […]

DNA molecules, man and women holding genes

Nature and Nurture: The Root of Human Behavior

October 8, 2019

Nature versus nurture—genetics versus the environment—is an old debate in psychology. When it comes to understanding human behavior, what’s most intriguing is the relationship that nature and nurture share. Learn about the interplay between the two factors and the resulting expressions of personality. […]

Concept of group of people with different personalities

Personality and the Nature-Nurture Debate

October 7, 2019

Human behavior is a fascinating field of study. Anyone who has ever taken a psychology class is familiar with the nature-nurture debate. Explore our latest understanding of this dichotomy and what we know about human behavior and personality. […]

Two dangerous lions fighting aggressive showing teeth and scared fear

Evolution and Behavior: Fear, Aggression, and Overeating

July 18, 2019

When we look at our proclivity for violence, and at the obesity epidemic, it seems like humans are bringing about their own destruction. But evolution and behavior are closely intertwined, and these tendencies were once paradoxically linked to survival. Do they still serve us in the modern age, though? […]

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