man praying muslim prayer

Understanding Arab Culture—Islam and the Five Pillars of Faith

It’s pretty difficult to talk about what it means to be an Arab without also talking about Islam, the second largest religion in the world. The question is are the terms Arab and Muslim synonymous? The quick answer is no. In fairness Arabs are overwhelmingly Muslim, but not all of them. […]


Life in the Arab Cluster—What Does it Mean to Be An Arab?

What does it mean to be part of the Arab cluster? First of all, to be an Arab is not so much an ethnic heritage as it is a cultural identity. Although it’s similar to what it means to be a North American, that doesn’t entirely capture it either. Let me explain. […]


An Analysis of Biblical Prophets

Prophets are people who are understood as conveying God’s words or messages to their communities. Contrary to the popular image that many people have, prophets […]