Artist's impression of a time loop. Closed timelike curves allow a material particle to traverse spacetime and return to its starting point.
History of Science

Do Closed Timelike Curves Exist or Not?

May 15, 2020

A number of solutions to the field equations have shown that closed timelike curves can exist. However, there’s still uncertainty regarding the existence of closed timelike curves. Why is this the case? […]

Aerial view of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton campus. Kurt Gödel took up a position here after fleeing Nazi Germany in 1940.
History of Science

Kurt Gödel Wanted to Revise Our Concept of Time

May 15, 2020

Kurt Gödel thought he had found certain logical inconsistencies with the concept of time, as we know it. So, what was time like in Godel’s cosmological solution and what was the nature of Godel’s universe? […]

Wave-particle duality shown through energy particle and light core.
History of Science

The Developments in Quantum Mechanics

May 9, 2020

What were the studies and developments in quantum mechanics that changed how we viewed matter from a deterministic perception to a probabilistic one? […]

General relativity equation written on a blackboard.
History of Science

Early Research on Unified Field Theory

May 5, 2020

Einstein wasn’t alone in the search of a Unified Field Theory. From Weyel’s version of metric tensors to Kaluza’s Fifth Dimension to Eddington’s Affine connection, there were many attempting to build a Unified Theory. […]

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