Super moon. Colorful sky with cloud and bright full moon over seascape in the evening. Serenity nature background, outdoor at nighttime. Cross process.

Moon’s Gravitational Force, Tides, and Earth’s Speed

July 15, 2020

Moon’s gravitational force is the reason behind high and low tides. However, this is not the only effect. The Earth’s rotational speed is also regulated by the Moon’s gravity, even though it is smaller than Earth and has a much weaker gravity. […]

Earth and the Sun - Elements of this Image Furnished By NASA.

The Past and the Future of the Earth-Moon System

July 15, 2020

Evidence shows that the Moon was formed a little while after the Earth (50 million years is not that long in solar system scale), but from similar material and even with the same isotope signature. Their future, however, might bring some new occurrences in the Earth-Moon system that we might not like. […]

Space communications satellite in low orbit around the Earth.

Magnetosphere: Satellites, Space Debris, and What Else?

July 10, 2020

Without the magnetosphere, the Earth’s atmosphere would have been destroyed by the solar wind long ago. It stretches way beyond satellites’ reach, and is affected both by the Earth and the Sun. It protects humans, living on both Earth and in space, from the high-energy particles. […]

Depiction of the Big Bang and the expansion of the universe.

Dark Energy: The Mysterious Driver of the Universe

June 29, 2020

The turn of the 21st century led to a series of scientific breakthroughs, including the discovery of dark energy, the mysterious energy which drives the speeding expansion of the universe. Read on to find more. […]

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