Digital x-ray human body scan interface on blue background 3D rendering

Metaphysics and the Human Body

July 18, 2019

Before the Enlightenment, the metaphysical view of the human body was that of a machine, and all problems with the machine could only be caused by parts of the machine malfunctioning. Removing or fixing those parts was the job of surgeons, and the idea that tiny animals inside us could make us sick—that seemed silly. But a new scientific paradigm born of the Enlightenment changed humanity’s view of the body. […]

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Understanding Metaphysics: Descartes’s Ghost in the Machine

July 18, 2019

Thanks to the Enlightenment and scientific advances over the past 300 years, our understanding of reality has been redefined. But when we talk about redefining reality, we are presuming first that there is a reality and that it’s something we define. Philosophers since the 1700s have been fascinated by this question of knowing reality. It is what philosophers call metaphysics, and Rene Descartes was the godfather of this powerful field of study. […]


War of the Twitter Bots

July 18, 2018

Professor Paul Rosenzweig discusses the future of Big Tech and the balancing act platforms like Twitter and Facebook face in keeping an open dialogue while combating those who abuse it. […]

Animal Hair and Zoology

A Zoologist Discusses the Science of Animal Hair

April 21, 2018

Animal hair is important to mammals for a number of reasons—insulation, self-defense, and even as a sensory organ. But what are some of the other properties that make this fuzzy collection of chemicals so unique to the animal kingdom? […]


Conscientiousness: The Big Five Personality Types Explained

April 13, 2018

The fourth member of the big five is the trait of conscientiousness, which reflects the degree to which people are responsible and dependable. Conscientiousness comes down to whether people usually do what they should, and whether they try to do it well. Of course, responsibly doing what one should depends on a number of separate characteristics, and most of these underlying attributes are part of conscientiousness. […]

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