An image of solar panels with a wind turbine in the middle.

The Concept and Forms of Energy and Energy Conversion

April 23, 2021

Understanding the concept of energy is important because it can help with solving and discovering other concepts like thermodynamics in physics. It can help with understanding how the whole universe works. In fact, the universe is nothing without energy and its different forms. […]


Theories of Heat: Lavoisier to Count Rumford and Sir Humphry Davy

April 3, 2021

The nature of heat was a matter of intense debate for centuries. On the one hand, there were supporters of the caloric theory of heat; often associated with the influential French chemist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. On the other hand, there were Count Rumford and Humphry Davy who debunked the caloric theory. […]


Subtle Concepts of Work and Energy

April 2, 2021

Energy is the ability to do work or the ability to exert a force over a distance. There are three obvious kinds of energy: kinetic energy, potential energy and wave energy apart from the other subtle forms. […]

An image of the gravity equation represented by Isaac Newton.
History of Science

The Discovery of Gravity and Laws of Motion by Isaac Newton

March 19, 2021

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest mathematicians/physicists that came up with the concept of gravity and explained it through an equation. It was a long journey for him to comprehend why orbiting masses don’t fall like an apple falls off a tree. […]

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