Diagram of a heat engine converting heat to mechanical work.

On the Conversion of Heat into Mechanical Work

May 5, 2021

Nicolas Carnot’s improvement of the steam engine was remarkable and praiseworthy. He also derived a mathematical equation for efficiency that is used today to calculate the maximum efficiency of any engine. […]

An image of a thermometer.

An Introduction to the Second Law of Thermodynamics

May 5, 2021

In contrast to the first law of thermodynamics (the amount of energy can be changed as many times as possible), the second law of thermodynamics puts many restrictions on how energy/heat is utilized (there are only three different heat motions). […]


Subtle Concepts of Work and Energy

April 2, 2021

Energy is the ability to do work or the ability to exert a force over a distance. There are three obvious kinds of energy: kinetic energy, potential energy and wave energy apart from the other subtle forms. […]

An image of the gravity equation represented by Isaac Newton.
History of Science

The Discovery of Gravity and Laws of Motion by Isaac Newton

March 19, 2021

Isaac Newton was one of the greatest mathematicians/physicists that came up with the concept of gravity and explained it through an equation. It was a long journey for him to comprehend why orbiting masses don’t fall like an apple falls off a tree. […]

3D Illustration of a the face of man in space as a symbol of philosophy and psychology of dreams inner reality, mental health, imagination, thinking and dreaming

Are Quantum Mechanics and Eastern Philosophy Related?

December 19, 2020

Quantum mechanics and Eastern philosophy are described as essentially bound to each other, but that is terribly wrong. Quantum mechanics does not support any religion or philosophy. Then why is the misconception so common that even books have been written on it? […]

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