The words 'Body', 'Mind', and 'Spirit' written on sand on a beach, with a gentle incoming wave from the sea visible at the top of the frame.
History of Science

What Does Metaphysical Dualism Say about Reality?

August 31, 2020

Are human beings made up of just matter and energy, just a collection of atoms? Is there any non-material entity that needs to be added to the equation to get to a more complete picture of reality? […]

Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727).
History of Science

Was Isaac Newton Always Right?

August 15, 2020

Isaac Newton made undeniable contributions to modern science with the basic principles of physics. However, unlike modern scientists, he would answer the most difficult parts of the problem with God’s intervention. […]

Abstract imagining of string theory with loops oscillating.
History of Science

Strings and Branes: A Theory of Everything

August 10, 2020

According to the Kaluza-Klein model, gravitation and electromagnetism could be brought together if the field underlying reality was 5-dimensional. Einstein himself pursued Kaluza-Klein-type ideas, but failed in his endeavors. […]

Picture showing a scientist conducting tests on different vegetables.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Benefits and Concerns

August 5, 2020

Genetically modified organisms are useful for farmers as plants can be modified to keep insects away and increase the yield. Being so beneficial for foods, why are most people concerned about GMOs used in animals and plants? […]

Geothermal activity in volcanic area on Mars's planet surface.

Mars’s Mountains, Volcanoes, and Marsquakes

July 31, 2020

Mars has much more than carbon dioxide snow, seasons, and tiny moons. It has numerous volcanoes that cause quakes, and a huge mountain significantly bigger than Everest. Are the many craters responsible for the many mountains? […]

The planet Mars during the Martian winter lit by the distant Sun.

Martian Seasons, Climate, and Axial Tilt

July 31, 2020

Under Mar’s super-thin atmosphere and super-low pressure, Martian seasons do not change the cold climate but are still distinguishable. Snowfall is usually possible for water snow, but there is another type of snow that needs a cold Martian winter to happen. […]

An image of Mars shot from space showing the red coloration.

Exploring Mars, Traveling to It, and Its Global Storms

July 31, 2020

It takes much longer than expected to travel to Mars, due to gravitational complexities. This red planet is covered in red dust, and even though winds cannot move things as they do on Earth, it still hosts huge dust devils every now and then. How does a storm happen without wind? […]

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