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Historians Weigh In On The Confederate Statue Debate: The Torch Podcast

Recent events in Charlotesville, VA have reopened a national debate about how we should deal with public statues commemorating Confederate figures. These are tough questions with no easy answers, and Historians are often as divided as the general population on this topic. In this Torch episode, history professors Allen Guelzo from Gettysburg College, and Edward O’Donnell from College of the Holy Cross discuss the matter from both sides. […]

Professor Jarrod Atchison
The Torch Podcast

Debate Tactics That Work: The Torch Podcast

The art of debate is an important skill that will benefit anyone who wants to make better decisions and think more clearly. Learn to unpack the structure of a formal debate and apply it to all aspects of your everyday life. […]

Image of Scott Lacy
The Torch Podcast

Anthropology—More Than Just Bones: The Torch Podcast

What does it mean to be human? Where did we come from? And what unites us in our diversity today? As the world population continues to explode, these big questions about humanity become increasingly important, and anthropology is the field of study that tackles them. From our tree-dwelling primate ancestors 63 million years ago through today’s globally connected citizens, anthropology looks at Homo sapiens to find out why we are the way we are. […]

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The Torch Podcast

Searching For The Theory Of Everything: The Torch Podcast

On this episode of The Torch, we examine the unifying theories of physics and the quest to discover how everything in our universe is interconnected which will, in turn, establish The Theory of Everything with Professor Don Lincoln, Ph.D. and Senior Scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. […]

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