What Can The Apocrypha Teach Us About Mary?

From a lecture Series By Professor David Brakke, Ph.D.

While Mary is present in the Canonical gospels, its really in the early Christian apocrypha that she becomes the leader among the saints.

In this video lecture taught by Professor David Brakke, we explore several key texts to uncover what we know about Jesus’ mother, her relationship with the disciples, and what makes her unique among the New Testament figures.

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  1. Jesus’ remark about “who is my brother and sister and mother” is to TEACH that in Christ we are ALL brothers, sisters, in short family. It doesn’t mean they were “estranged” – this takes it out of context of what Jesus’ was speaking about. The fact that Mary was not mentioned much in the Gospels has to do with the focus on the apostles and Christ and their mission. Mary is known for her HUMILITY and it is fitting there is not written much about her. Mary is a prophet of Christ since the death of last apostle – evidenced in her many sightings but both small and large groups over the centuries. She is the “new ark of the covenant” and Christ did his first miracles “out of time” at her request – which showed the deep affection and respect he had for his mother. This is the genesis of her intercession on our behalf.

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