Image of medieval gold coins and an old medieval pouch on a table.
European History

The Great Mortality and the New Economy

September 8, 2021

After the plague, everyone who survived was pretty much better off than they had been before. A new pattern emerged in the economy that unsettled a few individuals. […]

Dionysus Bacchus Wine statue portrait.
Ancient History

Roman Mindset, Society, and Economy

December 20, 2020

Rich Romans lived a comfortable and luxurious life, while many poor ones were begging, stealing, and urinating on the streets. The Roman mindset was not based on cruelty, but much of what they did was inevitably cruel because the acts of bloodiness were just a normal part of their lives. […]

Supply chain concept of workers loading a shipping truck
Business News

Moody Analytics Warns Global Supply Chain Issue to Get Worse

October 18, 2021

Credit rating agency Moody Analytics predicted continued trouble for the global supply chain. More than three-quarters of ports are facing historic backlogs of shipments, causing product shortages worldwide. Normally, supply chain management is key. […]

Sketch of Native American Chief.
American History

Tribal Nations: Gaming and Religious Freedom

October 12, 2021

The indigenous people in both the past and the present have been known for their diversity, persistence, and integrity. However, they have struggled for their survival and growth. […]

Covid 19 vaccines
Coronavirus News

Breaking Isolationism, North Korea Accepts COVID-19 Supplies from WHO

October 11, 2021

After World War II, Korea split in half, with North Korea becoming radically isolated. It has shut down communications with the rest of the world to the point that residents have no access to internet sites outside the country. COVID-19 medical supplies are a rare exception. […]

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