Professional baseball player hitting a homerun with big lights in stadium

Major League Baseball May Consider Robotic Umpires

March 4, 2019

Baseball’s trendsetting independent organization, the Atlantic League, may begin using the ball-tracking technology Trackman to call balls and strikes in its games. This automation would regulate the “strike zone” via robotics instead of umpires’ discretion, likely causing the MLB to follow suit. But why do we use robotics? […]

Close up of handcuffs with police lights in the background
U.S. News

Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Crumbles, Chicago Police Say

February 27, 2019

“Empire'” actor Jussie Smollett has been arrested for staging an alleged hate crime against himself, Chicago Police said. However, this incident has many forebears in copycat crimes and other hoaxes. Which fraudulent crimes have made waves in the United States? […]

National Zoo in Washington D.C. entrance
Interactive Course Guides

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

February 22, 2019

Trace the history and mission of the National Zoo, a Smithsonian Institution now housing 300 animal species. Learn about the Zoo’s remarkable exhibits of zoological rarities, from the clouded leopard to the giant panda. Take note of the zoo’s approach to recreating natural habitats, and the institution’s deep involvement with animal research and conservation of endangered species. […]

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The Great Courses Learning Paths—Astronomy and Space

May 31, 2018

With propulsive advances in science in recent decades, we’re learning more than we ever imagined possible about what the universe is—and how it works. Embark on fascinating, richly-illustrated adventures that take you to all corners of the cosmos through this series of courses designed to make the universe accessible, understandable, and awe-inspiring. […]

Professor's Perspective

Essential Oils in the Ambulance

May 24, 2018

Dr. Steven Novella discusses the rise of essential oils. He states, “Aromatherapy with essential oils is pseudoscience, backed only with low-quality studies guaranteed to show a placebo effect. Their growing popularity warns that better science education is needed.” […]

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