Woman hunter gatherer concept

Unearthed Ancient Female Hunter with Weapons Defies Expectations

November 14, 2020

Ancient remains of a female hunter fly in the face of “hunter-gatherer” gender roles, Live Science reported. The woman, found in Peru, had been buried with her weapons 9,000 years ago, and she was no anomaly. The Trung Sisters of Vietnam broke stereotypes long ago, too. […]

Human head as a set of puzzles on the wooden background
History of Science

The Birth of Psychology as a Science

October 8, 2020

The study of the human mind had been a challenge for scientists. The complex nature of the human mind and its association with the brain made it challenging. But this study went through different phases to account for the mental problems with which human beings struggled. […]

Earth rendering

Interactive Map Tracks Any Location on Earth to 750 Million Years Ago

September 11, 2020

A web tool can show where your house was before 750 million years of continental drift, Science Alert reported. The interactive tool, called Ancient Earth Globe, makes use of a slider bar to show how Earth’s major plates shifted together and apart since prehistoric times. Drift divides continents. […]

Two black holes

Seven Billion-Year-Old Signal from Merging Black Holes Reaches Earth

September 10, 2020

Tlack holes that merged seven billion years ago produced a shockwave and its signal just reached Earth, BBC News reported. The energy released during their collision was picked up by laser detectors in the United States and Italy in May 2019. Gravitational waves are detected with laser technology. […]

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