The Hope Diamond (Image: Unknown/Public domain)
American History

The Curse of The Hope Diamond

March 12, 2017

There had been, over the years—even decades—numerous stories about how the Hope Diamond carried an ancient curse. Several commentators questioned the wisdom of accepting the diamond. If the Smithsonian was the national museum of the United States and it acquired the Hope Diamond, then the country would own it. Would the American people then be cursed? […]

British Literature

H. G. Wells and the Quest for Utopia

March 9, 2017

Many of H. G. Wells’ science fiction stories contain fantastical utopian overtones. What was the historical impact of including these utopian settings within the context of his writings? And, relatedly, is there a way to see utopia as being inherently part of the science fiction project? […]

This Week In History
This Week in History

This Week in History: March 5-11

March 5, 2017

This week in history: Roman Catholic Church declares heliocentric theory wrong, Biosphere 2 begins its mission, and paper is invented Read more below and dive deeper with […]

Image showing a star with 7 planets
Professor's Perspective

TRAPPIST-1 Discovery

February 27, 2017

NASA went public with their discovery of seven Earth-like planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1. What does this exciting news mean to our former knowledge of exoplanets? Professor Joshua Winn dives into the topic. […]

The Magi Journeying (c. 1890)

Who Were the Three Wise Men?

February 22, 2017

‘We Three Kings of Orient Are’ is a popular carol, But we’re not sure that ‘The Three Wise Men were kings, were three, were from the Orient, or were wise. […]

Double page illustration of the Sack of Baghdad in 1258 by Rashid-ad-Din's

The Mongol Sack of Baghdad in 1258

February 9, 2017

By Eamonn Gearon, MA, Johns Hopkins University The Mongol conquest of the Abbasid Caliphate culminated in the horrific sack of Baghdad that effectively ended the Islamic […]

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