australopithecus afarensis, one of our most ancient ancestors

Mitochondrial Eve: The Mother of All Human Beings

November 29, 2020

Can all the humans be traced back to Adam and Eve? No. That is a myth. But what if not all of it is a myth? What if there is a real Eve that scientists have found to be the great-great-great-grandmother of every human? What if she is called Mitochondrial Eve? […]

The photo shows Millikan, Lemaître, and Einstein together.

The Big Bang and the Misconceptions Surrounding it

November 28, 2020

Many people have a common perception that the big bang just gives the description of the literal first instant of creation and is not applicable to the present. This and other ideas around the big bang theory need analysis and a thorough investigation. […]

Telepathic connection between two people

The Ganzfeld Procedure: Can It Prove ESP in Humans?

October 3, 2020

The idea behind using the ganzfeld procedure was that ESP may be so weak that it often gets covered up by all the stimuli coming in through our senses. If that is the reason, cutting a person off from normal sights and sounds may make it easier for ESP to operate. […]

The letter psi - Symbol of Psychology

Psychic Abilities: Do Humans Possess Them?

October 3, 2020

While there are many who believe that some people possess psychic powers or extrasensory perception (ESP), there also are critics.Also, contrary to popular stereotypes, research shows that people who believe in psychic abilities are not necessarily uneducated or superstitious. […]

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