Hello, parents of curious-minded children!

At The Great Courses, we believe in lifelong learning. And, we believe this pursuit can (and should) start in childhood. To that end, we’ve developed a series of Science Experiments for Kids based on a STEM curriculum and designed to generate creative thinking in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Our goal is to provide free resources that will help children gain hands-on experience in how these concepts relate to the real world.

We encourage you and your children to check back here on a regular basis as we will continuously add new science experiments, art projects, math riddles, and other fun projects.

- Your friends (and fellow parents) at The Great Courses
drawing of lemon holding secret message

Make Invisible Ink With Lemon Juice

Be a super-secret agent! Make invisible ink with lemon juice and surprise someone with a message they can only see by using heat. […]

drawing of milk plastic

How to Make Biodegradable Plastic from Milk

Did you know that you can make biodegradable PLASTIC with milk? Check it out! […]

bottle cap robot thumbnail

Make a Buzzing, Crawling Bottle Cap Robot

You’ll love watching your little bottle cap robot skitter and jiggle across the table. What makes it go? […]

drawing of dry ice cartoon

Fun With Dry Ice Experiments

Dry ice is one of the most fun substances to experiment with. It’s freezing cold, steamy, squeaky, and has a life of its own! […]

image of homemade pan flute

Make a Homemade Pan Flute From Drinking Straws

What is that crazy sound? It’s a homemade pan flute made from drinking straws! […]

drawing of a balloon rocket

Make a Balloon Rocket

Have fun watching your balloon rocket go zipping across the room on a path as long as your room allows! […]

drawing of hoop glider

Make a Hoop Glider Airplane

We’re all familiar with paper airplanes, right? Well check out this cool hoop glider airplane that you can make just as easily. Not only does it look like something from science fiction, but it also flies in unusual ways, too! […]

how to make a balloon hoverboard

Make a Balloon-Powered Hovercraft

Have fun watching this little balloon-powered hovercraft scoot across your table! Which direction will it travel? You’ll never know until you let it go! […]

Make Colorful Galaxies in Milk

The swirling designs you’ll create in this experiment will look out-of-this-world! […]


Make an Electromagnet

In this science experiment for kids, you’ll make an electromagnet that turns on and off depending on whether it is being powered by a battery. […]

photoluminescence experiment

Make Colorful Glowing Water

Pour it, mix it, freeze it—what will you do with your own glowing water? […]

about fossil preservation

Make a Cast Fossil from a Toy

Become an amateur archeologist and preserve your own fossil creations. At the end of this experiment, you’ll have a cool fossil cast of your own! […]

iron experiment for kids

How to Find Iron in Your Cereal

Our bodies need iron in order to operate. But wait—isn’t iron…METAL? Yes! And you can actually find it in cereal! […]

how to make a simple motor

Make a Simple Spinning Motor

This simple experiment is a fun way to visualize how magnets are used to create spinning motors. Watch the wire spin like a crazy dancer as it balances on a battery! […]

water density experiment

The Floating Grape Experiment

Drop a grape into a glass of water and it will quickly sink to the bottom. But, can you get a grape to float in the water instead? […]

acid chemistry

Vinegar vs. an Egg—What Will Happen?

We all know that peeled hard-boiled eggs are soft and bouncy, but what about raw eggs still in their shell? Not so much right? But, can we make that hard shell soft like skin? Let’s find out! […]

The Traveling Water Experiment

Like everything else in the universe, water must obey the laws of physics. But it can still surprise us in the WAYS it follows those laws! […]

Colorful Blobs in a Bottle

Oil and water may not mix, but they sure like to dance! Create an energetic party of colorful blobs in a bottle with this fun science experiment. […]

Build A Soap Powered Boat

Watch a little boat zip across the water with just a tiny drop of dish soap! […]