An image of the map of China with its flag on top. It is placed on yuan, the currency of japan

The Socialist Market Economy of China

December 28, 2021

Under Zhu Rongji, China embraced new regulations, giving enterprises more autonomy in making managerial decisions. It adopted the label of a ‘market’ economy, changing the perception that markets equal capitalism. […]

Image of medieval gold coins and an old medieval pouch on a table.
European History

The Great Mortality and the New Economy

September 8, 2021

After the plague, everyone who survived was pretty much better off than they had been before. A new pattern emerged in the economy that unsettled a few individuals. […]

Dionysus Bacchus Wine statue portrait.
Ancient History

Roman Mindset, Society, and Economy

December 20, 2020

Rich Romans lived a comfortable and luxurious life, while many poor ones were begging, stealing, and urinating on the streets. The Roman mindset was not based on cruelty, but much of what they did was inevitably cruel because the acts of bloodiness were just a normal part of their lives. […]

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