Ancient History

How Marriages Affected Women in Ancient Rome

January 19, 2021

Marriages in ancient Rome were often a contract between two families aiming for political or societal gains. However, marriages, arranged or love, hardly improved the way society viewed women in ancient Rome. […]

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Coronavirus News

Staying Home from Cafés and Bars Takes Toll on Creativity

January 8, 2021

Having to avoid restaurants, cafés, and bars is draining our creativity, “The Conversation” reported. Spontaneous social encounters often help spark inspiration, and with closures of dining establishments during the pandemic, creativity suffers. There are ways to regain it. […]

Chains with a lock on the legs of a slave amidst stones. Chains at the ankle. The symbol of slavery
Ancient History

Duties and Life of a Roman Slave

December 30, 2020

The skills and master’s personality traits were very important factors in the life of a Roman slave and how they were treated. Their duties varied based on both their skills and the master’s life. […]

3D Illustration of a the face of man in space as a symbol of philosophy and psychology of dreams inner reality, mental health, imagination, thinking and dreaming

Are Quantum Mechanics and Eastern Philosophy Related?

December 19, 2020

Quantum mechanics and Eastern philosophy are described as essentially bound to each other, but that is terribly wrong. Quantum mechanics does not support any religion or philosophy. Then why is the misconception so common that even books have been written on it? […]

Atomic Wave series. Interplay of lights, orbits , waves and fractal elements on the subject of science, theoretical physics, technology and education

Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

December 18, 2020

The core of the Copenhagen interpretation is distinguishing the reality from the knowledge that could happen but is not real. Although that sounds a bit complicated, it simplified the concepts of quantum mechanics. How did it do it? […]

happy couple concept - a man and a woman hug,painted at fingers isolated on red background

What Type of People Have More Successful Relationships?

December 10, 2020

How do successful relationships get successful? There are many factors that should be included in the answer, but a very important one is the people themselves. Some people simply can manage relationships better than others. […]

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