A gloved hand holding a petri dish full of microorganisms and bacteria.
Health And Fitness

Zoonosis: The Spread of Infections

June 13, 2021

Zoonosis is a type of viral disease that animals with a backbone pass on to humans. Diseases are jumping from animals to humans at a faster pace than before, and over 200 diseases have been identified as zoonotic. […]

Illustration of Lyme disease bacteria.
Health And Fitness

Lyme Disease: The Way It Works and How to Deal With It

May 29, 2021

Lyme disease is something most of us have heard of. It’s easy to get and diagnosing it is complicated. Lack of a vaccine moreover makes it an ideal candidate to study with the aim of preventing infection in the first place. […]

Group of people at social gathering
Coronavirus News

Revisiting Social Intelligence as Post-COVID Society Reopens

May 13, 2021

One in three Americans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. With the danger of the coronavirus beginning to seem behind us, restrictions on social gatherings are slowly lifting. Exercising social intelligence can make get-togethers a little easier. […]

An image of a frail middle-aged woman feeling sick while sitting on a sofa.
Health And Fitness

Mature & Aged Immune Systems and Common Ways to Boost Them

May 10, 2021

The immune system helps protect the body against disease. Ageing can have an effect on the immune system, therefore, people should strive to boost it through activities such as a following a healthy diet, practicing meditation, and taking exercise. […]

Mosquitos on skin
Health News

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Will Combat Disease in Florida

May 7, 2021

One species of Mosquito is responsible for spreading diseases like Zika. This species, Aedes aegypti, only makes up about 4% of the total mosquito population, but it’s a huge problem. Scientists hope to stop the spread by introducing modified mosquitoes. […]

An illustration of an antibody destroying an infected cell.
Health And Fitness

Vaccination and Immunization: Concerns and Misconceptions

May 6, 2021

Some people are concerned about vaccination. This may be a concern about the production of the vaccine, for example, using live viruses or chemicals such as mercury, or about whether there is a link between vaccination and autism in children. But vaccination requirements are likely to get tougher in the future. […]

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