Classical Philosophy

What Was Greek Philosophy Before Socrates?

April 21, 2017

Greek philosophy is divided into the period before and after the life of Socrates. Starting with the Ionians, the earliest philosophers are now known as the “Presocratics”. The question is, what was their role in defining Western Philsophy as we know it today? […]

Applied Philosophy

Should You Be Skeptical of The Insanity Defense?

January 10, 2017

What criteria has to be satisfied to qualify one as insane for purposes of law? Professor Daniel N. Robinson discusses the insanity defense and its many shifting definitions throughout history. […]

Painting of Stoic philosophers conversing

How Stoicism Influenced Christianity

December 14, 2016

Before Christianity there was Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy whose tenets—such as monotheism and belief a rational plan for the Universe—anticipated Christian theology in many ways. Philo […]