Business Skills

Straddling the Grocery Store Game

Whole Foods will not be opening additional 365 format stores, small-format 365 stores targeted at millennial shoppers. Why has this option floundered? […]

Business Skills

Draw to Remember Better

What’s the most effective memory trick? New studies now point to drawing as a mnemonic strategy, boosting memory performance.  […]

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Professor's Perspective

Gender Diversity Can Breed Success

A study found that venture capital firms tend to have homogeneous management teams, which seems to lead to lower success rates than teams with gender diversity. […]

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Professor's Perspective

Is Rain To Blame for Low Sales?

Is rain to blame for low sales? Be wary of leaders who look to average external factors for slumping numbers and exhibit the “fundamental attribution error” […]

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Business and Economics

Games That Businesses Play — 3 Famous Examples of Failed Business Strategy

Sun Tzu reminded us of the importance of analyzing your enemy, understanding your competitor. This is crucial in business strategy, as well as in the military. Strong businesses put themselves in the shoes of their rivals, and they try to anticipate how those competitors will react. And they use that information to help them plot a more effective strategy. […]

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Business and Economics

Maintaining a Healthy Company—Why Do Flourishing Businesses Fail?

Imagine that you are working in or leading a very successful company. Your investors are enjoying attractive returns. You’re producing strong earnings, and you have competitive advantage over your rivals. I have a harsh truth to share with you. You’re unlikely to be on top a decade from now. […]

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