Professor's Perspective

Shaving for a Cause

Pediatric cancer is more common than you might think: More than 16,000 kids in the United States will be diagnosed this year. […]

parent pouring cough medicine into spoon for sick child in background
Professor's Perspective

Is Chocolate Actually Good at Relieving Coughs? Take a Look at the Science

Everyone loves chocolate, and nobody likes to cough, and some reputable sources are saying chocolate is better than cough medicine. But if you want to know what The Science really says, you have to read past the headlines. The best way to do that is to look at the actual study – where the information, originally came from. […]

Professor's Perspective

The Quackery of “Food Sensitivity” Tests

IgG antibodies are a measure of exposure, not a measure of something that makes you sick or makes you feel ill. That’s it. Nothing more. So why are companies trying to sell “food sensitivity” tests, claiming to pinpoint which foods contribute to skin issues, food intolerance, joint pain, fatigue, and more? […]

Image of fresh fruits and vegetables
Professor's Perspective

Healthy Eating and a Love of Fruit

What’s the value of a fruit? Some are easy to eat, but have low nutrition, some hard and are super fruits. Dr. Roy Benaroch digs into the deep, juicy questions. […]

Illustration of the Influenza Virus
Health & Fitness

Elderberry Extract for Influenza?

Elderberry Extract for Influenza? Dr. Roy Benaroch discusses this interesting, tasty, and possible “magic fix” for influenza. Read more on The Great Courses Daily! […]

Photograph of casino, a model for the "sometimes" rewards that can encourage whining kids
Health & Fitness

Vending Machines vs. Casinos: How to Deal with Whining Kids

But at a casino, you don’t know what your reward will be, or even if you’ll get one. In fact, most of the time, you get nothing at all. But that kind of reinforcement, the “sometimes-surprise” schedule, reinforces the behavior even more effectively. Think about people pumping money into slot machines, only to get occasional, unpredictable rewards. […]

A young boy and girl watch media on a tablet
Health & Fitness

Kids and Media Use: How Much is Too Much?

Excessive media use in early childhood is also associated with cognitive, language, and social delays. Some of these associations depend on exactly what’s being watched—switching from violent to pro-social content has been shown to improve preschool behavior, especially in boys. There’s also concern that excessive media use by parents can interfere with other family activities, and may model and reinforce media excess in their children. […]

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