Image of a green bottle with a large nutrition label, surrounded by multicolored pills
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Nutritional Supplement Labels May Be Lying to You

Researchers in Canada purchased 31 melatonin products from stores in Guelph, Ontario. They analyzed the content of tablets, liquids, and chewables, and found that few of the products contained their labeled dose. […]

closeup of obese child eating donut
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Obesity: It’s Not Just the Sugar

Recently, sugar has emerged as the “deadly villain” in the obesity epidemic. But a recent study from Australia shows that maybe it’s not so simple. […]

a mosquito resting on a green leaf
Health & Fitness

Mosquitoes: Prevention and Treatment

Most biting mosquitoes are active at dusk, so that’s the most important time to be vigilant with your prevention techniques. Light colored clothing is less attractive to mosquitoes. […]

high angle view of a baby boy sleeping in a crib
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Where Should Babies Sleep?

A new study about the best place for babies to sleep – in their own rooms, or sharing a room with their parents – contradicts current AAP guidelines. But hopefully, in the long run, it will help more parents and babies get a better night’s sleep overall.


Health & Fitness

Is Homemade Slime Safe?

In an effort to make sure the barn door is firmly bolted shut now that the horses are long gone, let me give you the quick version: there’s nothing in homemade slime that’s likely to hurt anyone, as long as it’s “used as directed.” […]

Health & Fitness

Treating a Fever: Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofen

There are a lot of myths about fever. 98.6 F is not and has never been the “normal” temperature. Fevers, themselves, cause no harm. They also don’t help very much. In the modern world, fever is not a necessary or particularly useful part of your immune response. […]

Health & Fitness

Whooping Cough In Children

Whooping cough is no laughing matter. Older children and adults often contract it, but what about newborns who are at most risk? […]

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