The Ukraine-Russia Crisis Explained

From a lecture series taught by Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius

Examine the historical context of a region has been rife with skirmishes and shifting borders for the last hundred years. Then take a look at the ins and outs of the current crisis, including ethnic divisions within Ukraine and Russia’s attitude toward former Soviet territory.

In this full lecture explore the origins of the conflict that led to the current Ukraine-Russia Crisis.

From the Lecture Series A History of Eastern Europe
Taught by Professor Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius, Ph.D.


  1. He speaks in the present tense about events that happened in the past, and I don’t have a sense about when these events actually happened.

  2. He is teaching history. He is explaining things how they are now. And I am seeing his approach is really linear. He explains things as they have happened. He gives clear history points where you can anchor your understanding.

  3. You need to listen to more than the first minute or two of this lecture to find verb tenses that are more intuitive to you. And during the first minute or two, you should listen to the content of the message and the specification of dates and events. Professor Liulevicius is a gifted intellectual, and he is generous to deliver lectures through The Great Courses. If you listen more carefully you can benefit greatly.

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