Voting Paradoxes: How Does An Unpopular Politician Get Elected To Office?

Taught by Professor David Kung, Ph.D.

Think voting systems are convoluted, confusing, and easilly manipulated? That’s just the beginning.

In this full lecture, Professor David Kung, Ph.D. delves into the voting paradoxes that arise in elections at national, state, and even club levels. You’ll also study Kenneth Arrow’s Nobel prize-winning impossibility theorem, and assess the U.S. Electoral College system, which is especially prone to counter intuitive results.

From the Lecture Series: Mind Bending Math: Riddles and Paradoxes
Taught by Professor David Kung, Ph.D.


  1. Let me guess, this video was made in response to Trump’s election? So you gotta use your math shenanigans to “rationalize” the insane reason he got elected?

  2. We need to have another course showing how the electoral system is a brilliant alternative to a popular vote

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