QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Camera’s Functions?

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  1. This is was a great quiz. I have been a photographer for over 17 years. It was fun to test my knowledge. I got 9/10 correct. Thanks!

  2. I am simply impressed with my self here. I have only been taking pictures since 2013. But I got 8/10 correct. Not bad!

  3. Basic. Quiz II should include: what/why filters on B&W, Rembrandt Lighting, post production, depth of field, bokeh, mirrorless advantages, HDR, etc.

  4. I got 8/10. I’m an amateur! Love to take photos on trips but should take more locally! Love my Sony A6000!

  5. I got 10/10; however, I still need to learn a lot more to become a better photographer. Anyway, the quiz was awesome…..

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